Week of March 12, 2023



Sister Debra Jackson-Bell – Naphtali
Trustee James Brown – Ephraim
Sister Ann Chapman – Dan
Sister Caroline Chase – Simeon
Deacon Eleanor Crocker – Reuben
Sister Sharon Couts – Ephraim
Honorary Deaconess Mary B. Ganges – Simeon
Sister Beulah Jackson – Gad
Reverend Kenneth Jackson – Gad
Deaconess June McAbee – Reuben
Sister Betty Moore – Ephraim
Deaconess Penny Newsome – Reuben
Brother Jeremy Price – Issachar
Rev. Andrew Ransom – Reuban
Brother George Rogers – Gad
Brother Barron Stroud – Ephraim
Sister India Whitehead – Naphtali
Brother Robert Williams – Ephraim


Deaconess Betty Brown
Sister Gloria Elliott
Trustee Walter McCoy
Sister Barbara Williams


Vincent and Sheila Anderson
Emily Maple


Sister Peggy Moore and Family
Trustee Mary Baker
Sister Jasmine Jeter
Sister Millie and Brother George Rogers

Rehabilitation & Health Care Centers

Deacon Frances Brown
Aspenwood Senior Assisted Living Facility
14400 Homecrest Road
Silver Spring, MD 20906

Sister Yvonne Bowser
Brook Grove Home Care
18131 Slade School Road
Sandy Spring, MD 20860

The weekly Sick and Shut-in and Prayer List will be revised every month.

The names of family and friends will be removed unless updates and requests are made.

Please call the Church Secretary to submit the names of members and friends that continue to need our prayers and support.