Praise & Prayer Meeting - 8:00 PM

Zoom link

The leadership of prayer meetings will generally be split between being in-house and virtual. The actually assigned co-host of the Zoom session needs to be virtual.

The Zoom session should be started and opened at 7:45 so that attendees can enter early and wait for the session to begin. It will be open concurrently while the Bible study session is open so the leadership may not be in attendance until 8 p.m.

For Virtual Attendees:

  1. Please use the “Raise Hand” icon to be recognized.
  2. Before speaking you must also be listening to ensure that you are not speaking over someone that is already speaking.
  3. When not addressing the group, you must have your microphone muted.

In the Sanctuary:

  1. To speak (in the sanctuary) you must go to a microphone so that everyone can hear you and wait for the teacher to acknowledge you before speaking.
  2. If you need assistance or need a microphone brought to you, please raise your hand.
  3. If you are not speaking into a microphone, you may be interrupted and asked to go to the microphone to speak.