Position Description

Minister of Music

GENERAL DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                                                           

The Minister of Music is expected to create an atmosphere of celebration and reverence to God through music for all worship services and to oversee the entire Church music program which includes varied choirs, vocal, instrumental, and other expressions of musical talents. Fosters an innovative, blended style of music to enhance and support the worship message goals. Coordinates, rehearses, and directs all choirs of the church, as appropriate. Leads the music ministry during worship services, encourages congregational participation, and provides direction to both choir members and musicians.  Chooses and directs music for various chorus and music ensembles.  Coordinates the planning/implementation of a comprehensive music ministry for the pastor, congregation, and community.  Assists the pastor in planning the congregational services of the church.


The Minister of Music oversees and is responsible for the entire music program as a worship planner, music administrator, music ministry leader, and worship leader in the following manner:


Music Planner

  • Collaborates with Pastor and other ministry leaders to select worship music for service, special events, and annual programs;
  • Utilizes technology in planning and presenting music to enhance the worship message;
  • Schedules special music to add variety to worship service and to enhance the music experience;
  • Arranges for and prepares music components for special worship programs, holidays, and celebratory events;
  • Participates in planning meetings with the Pastor and other leaders for special activities;
  • Practices discipleship through inspiring and engaging music ministry members.


Music Administrator

  • Meets deadlines for selecting music and preparing music for church programs;
  • Maintains good interpersonal relations and effective communications with all members;
  • Supervises the orderly maintenance of music records, publications, and database of hymns, praise music, spirituals, and anthems used in worship;
  • Acquires the music, equipment and supplies required to perform designated duties in accordance with Church financial policies;
  • Manages the music ministry budget and submits required reports, estimates, and requests by specified deadlines;
  • Adheres to Church policies related to the hiring and retention of staff, human relations, and procedures.


Music Ministry Leader

  • Plans, organizes and leads the music ministry;
  • Schedules events and coordinates the rehearsals of all choirs;
  • Leads and directs the various components of the music programs including the choir(s), vocal, instruments and other expressions of musical experience;
  • Reads music and plays a variety of music such as, contemporary, hymnals, gospel, anthems, spirituals, and praise songs;
  • Oversees, teaches, coaches and mentors all music ministry members including voice training, instrumental techniques, scales, sight reading, and music theory;
  • Rehearses and assures preparedness of all music ministry elements including invitation, declaration, response, and encounter songs;
  • Mentors and coaches interested music members to expand and share their spiritual gifts.



Worship Leader

  • Provides inspiring and motivational music ministry for all worship services, programs, and events;
  • Leads the congregation, utilizing a variety of styles of music as well as coaching for new songs unfamiliar to the congregation;
  • Engages the congregation through the musical worship experience;
  • Bridges generational/musical differences by selecting a balance of musical styles;
  • Presents the spiritual context of all music and its cultural connection to the congregation;
  • Assists in developing opportunities for youth involvement in the worship service.






Extensive outstanding experience in music and directing choirs; experience in planning and delivering high-quality musical programs; excellent human relations skills.  Education along with high musical competence and proficiency of a musical instrument is preferred.

  • Music background by education or experience and teaching ability in music;
  • Knowledge of music and the ability to implement a comprehensive music program;
  • Competent in leading choirs and musical groups;
  • Familiarity with a variety of Christian music;
  • Strong organizational skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Ability to coach and guide members of the music ministry to enhance their musical skills;
  • Experience as a worship leader for a praise team, church choir or music group;
  • Strong leadership and organizational skills required to effectively collaborate with the Church staff and ministerial leaders as well as members of the music ministry;
  • Experience working with youth, young adults, and adults;
  • Ability to work in a Church environment;
  • Knowledge of Baptist theology and hymnody.



  • Graduate of an accredited college or university; Music degree a plus
  • Experience may be substituted for college graduation
  • Previous work experience in a church



The Minister of Music is a full-time position and requires great flexibility and availability in hours beyond the normal workday.  The incumbent  must commit to exclusivity of church related employment with Mt. Calvary Baptist Church. The Minister of Music is expected to work closely with the Senior Pastor, Church leaders, and Music Ministry members.

The total compensation package includes a salary of $58,000, retirement benefits, leave pay, holiday pay and health insurance.



To apply, send your resume and letter of interest to Personnel@MtCBC.org