Audio/Visual Ministry

The Audio-Visual Ministry has been commissioned to extend the gospel of Jesus Christ through innovation that positively impacts the kingdom of God on earth. We take our service unto God seriously as the guardians of sound, graphics, and imagery in worship. We are committed to spreading the Word of Jesus Christ through audio and video technology and services.

Our objective is to create an environment that glorifies God and enhances the worshipper's experience as they encounter our Lord Jesus Christ.

We cover church needs having to do with Audio/Visual technology. These functions of the ministry are the most requested:

  • Broadcasting worship service via the internet.
  • Recording audio and video during regular church services and special events. Audio/Video editing or recorded services and other special events for archive, broadcast, and production.
  • Production, duplication, and distribution of recorded audio and video files of sermon messages and other special events.
  • Providing audio and video support to other ministries of the church.

Black History Ministry

Black History Ministry Mission Statement The Black History Ministry at Mount Calvary Baptist Church mission statement is to educate our members and guest of the history of our race, to promote positive black images, foster leadership and encouragement in all aspects of African American lives, and to deliberately illustrate how God is crucial to our journey in life and the pursuit of happiness.

The Black History Ministry presents three to four presentations a year to include, guest speakers, dance, theater drama, and music to inform and educate church members and guests about the black experience.

Christian Education Ministry

The Christian Education Ministry (CEM) consists of members who plan and help carry out the education and training programs for Mount Calvary in alignment with the strategic and spiritual initiatives set forth by the Senior Pastor.

The CEM provides support and oversight for the following ministries and church-sponsored activities:

  • Sunday School;
  • Youth Department;
  • Teacher training;
  • Vacation Bible School;
  • Missionary education;
  • Recreation & Summer camp (as required); and
  • Conference promotion.

In addition, the CEM is involved with the appointment of a Youth Ministry Liaison to collaborate on church activities related to the youth. Lastly, the CEM participates with Mount Calvary’s Scholarship Committee, along with other sponsors, to provide scholarships to graduating Seniors who are members and active in church activities.

To learn more about CEM, the exciting work underway, and how to become a member, please send an email to with your name and contact information. A member of the CEM will be in contact with you.

CEM is committed to building lives & developing disciples

Culinary Ministry

Culinary Ministry As the Bible illustrates in many places, food and fellowship play a significant role in efforts to spread the gospel and share “The Bread of Life." The Culinary Ministry is responsible for planning and preparing meals and refreshments for church events, such as the Homecoming Dinner, Pastoral Anniversary and Retirement Banquets, Ministry breakfasts and luncheons, and funeral repasts. In addition, these volunteers order and maintain all foods and supplies for church-supported programs such as Vacation Bible School, community fellowship dinners served at the church every Wednesday evening from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m., and Third Sunday Fellowship Dinners. The Ministry also provides catering services for non - Mt Calvary - sponsored activities, for example, sororities and fraternities. The Ministry is also responsible for ensuring the Church's kitchen facility is managed by persons licensed by the county to employ health and safety standards for food handling.

Evangelism Ministry

The Evangelism Ministry plans and implements a sustainable approach to empowering Church members to carry out its mission of winning souls for Christ through education and training. The Ministry spreads the Gospel of Christ throughout the Church community by providing religious tracts and personal witnessing in its efforts to win souls for Christ. Additionally, the Ministry leads the Church's involvement in the Annual National Out as a host site for the Lincoln Park Community. All members are welcome to participate in this Ministry.

Contact us via email at

deaconess ministry

The Deaconess Ministry shall assist the Pastor in developing the spiritual like of the women and young girls of the church for the best possible Christian service. They shall cooperate with the Pastor and Deacons in visiting the members in the care of the sick, needy, and distressed members of the church, disbursement of the alms of the church and in the preparation for the observance of the ordinances of the Church, The Lord’s Supper (Communion) and Baptism. The Deaconess Ministry also assists in promoting the evangelistic program of the church, leading prayer services on the second Wednesday each month, assisting the Deacons in the Tribal Ministry, and assisting and volunteering with other ministries of the church.

OFFICERS of the Deaconess Ministry: Janice Jeter - Chairperson

  • Maureen Price - Vice Chairperson
  • Wanda Davis and Rosalyn Johns - Co - Recording Secretary
  • Kimberly Boone - Corresponding Secretary Hettie Fleming - Treasurer
  • Chaplain - Liz Hale
  • Sergeant - At - Arms - Anita Neal

LIST OF DEACONESSES (22): Charisse Ash, Jacqueline Barnes - Newsome, Barbara Boone, Kimberly Boone, Betty Brown, Shari Campbell, Wanda Davis, Hettie Fleming, Adranna Grant, Liz Hale, Shelia Harrison, Regina Hobson, Bertha Holt, Patricia Jackson, Janice Jeter, Rosalyn Johns, Anita Neal, Maureen Price, Etta Slade, Patricia Smith, Gladys Thomas, and Izetta Wade

Decoration Ministry

The goal of the ministry is to decorate the church throughout the year. The Decoration Ministry is tasked to decorate the Leon Grant Family Life Center (LGFLC) for church wide events, such as Homecoming, Easter Breakfast, Christmas, Ordinations, Consecrations, and Funeral Repast.

The Decoration Ministry will make every effort to supply centerpieces for the ministries in the church.

The Decoration Ministry will assist the Culinary Ministry when needed.

Men's Fellowship Ministry

The Men's Fellowship of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church is organized to lead men into developing a close personal relationship through faith and commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We endeavor to enlist men to live a life of effective Christian service in Mt. Calvary and the local community.

The Men's Fellowship of Mt. Calvary will:

  • Provide training and involve men in understanding what commitment as a disciple of Jesus Christ can mean as a guiding force in their lives
  • Regularly involve men in sharing their individual faith through small groups, Evangelistic outreach, and service
  • Encourage men to become a supporting arm for the pastor in the overall work and mission of Mt. Calvary
  • Advance and support the wider work and program of the American Baptist Churches of the South (ABCOTS) and the American Baptist Churches, USA (ABC/USA)
  • Be an Auxiliary of the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, adhering to the Constitution and By-Laws of the church and maintaining a contributary relationship with other church organizations within Mt. Calvary

The elected and appointed officers of the Men's Fellowship:

  • Men's Ministry Spiritual Advisor – Rev. Hiawatha Fountain
  • President - Brother Jay Johnson
  • Vice President for Programs - TBD
  • Treasurer – Trustee Milton Sloan
  • Secretary – TBD
  • Men’s Retreat Event Coordinator – Tim Pulliam
  • Men’s Bible Study meets every Saturday morning at 7 a.m. during this pandemic via the ZOOM application. (Download ZOOM and join via the following link:
  • ABCOTS Annual Session - Richmond, VA / Monday, April 26 – April 28, 2022
  • Men's Picnic / July 30, 2022
  • Men's and Women's Prayer Breakfast / October 8, 2022 at 9 a.m.
  • Men's Day / October 9, 2022

trustee board

There shall be a Trustee Board whose membership shall be adequate to serve the needs of the Church.  One-third of the Board shall be elected annually for a three-year term, and members may be re-elected if the Church believes that they are faithful and effective in the performance of the duties of the office.  The Board shall generally manage and hold in trust all Church assets that are tangible, intangible, real, or personal property, or other assets, including goodwill. The Board shall purchase, take or acquire by gift, bequest, or in any other manner those assets.  The Board shall be responsible for counting and recording all monetary contributions, crediting the appropriate accounts, preparing deposit statements, and depositing funds in the designated bank account (s).  In order to record financial contributions of the membership adequately, the Board or its designated representative shall receive an updated list of membership from the Church Clerk.  The Board shall produce weekly reports of all monetary contributions.  These reports shall be provided to the Finance Ministry for recordation, audit, and reconciliation.  The Senior Pastor, Treasurer, Financial Secretary and the Trustee Board retain copies of such reports.  The Trustee Board shall make available its records at the close of the fiscal year or when requested by the Church, as provided herein.

Women's Ministry

The following is a list of the current MTCBC American Baptist Ministry Program Areas and Appointed Leaders:

  • Women’s Ministry Spiritual Advisor - Rev. Vera McKoy
  • President - Sister Natasha D. Hammond (email: Natasha.Hammond@MTCBC.ORG)
  • Vice President – Sister Angela Jones (email: Angela.Jones@MTCBC.ORG)
  • Secretary – Open
  • Treasurer – Sister Brenda Shelton
  • Mission and Outreach – Sister Linda Jackson
  • B.L.O.O.M.- (Becoming Ladies Of Originality & Merit) John 17:17- Girls ages 12 thru 17
  • Personal Development Co-Chairs
    – Deaconess Maureen Price
    – Sister Felecia Williams-Palmer

News and Events 


Opportunities to Get Involved (not all opportunities are listed)

  • Women’s Ministry Kick-off (January)
  • Women’s Day (May)
  • Women’s Retreat / Women’s Conference (alternating years)
  • Women’s Ministry Holiday Fellowship (December)
  • Support our Helping Hands Shelter
  • Comfort Cases Drive
  • Support for ABCOTS annual meeting projects
  • Thank you for taking the time to browse our MTCBC website. Feel free to contact the Women’s Ministry President or Vice President for any questions regarding the Women’s Ministry activities.

Health & Wellness Ministry

Health & Wellness Ministry - shall provide information, resources, and activities; and partner with health organizations to increase awareness of healthcare issues, promote wellness, and assist in reducing the health disparities in our Congregation and community.

Ministry Objectives are to:

  • Support the Set 4Life Vision and Mission of Mt Calvary Baptist Church
  • Provide activities, resources and disseminate information to increase our congregation, and community awareness of healthcare issues,
  • Develop strategies to address and assist in reducing the disparities in minority health,
  • Collaborate with various health agencies, churches, and community organizations to advocate for effective policies and practices that affect health care and promote wellness.

Scripture: Proverbs 19:20 - Listen to advice and accept instruction that you may gain wisdom for the future.

The following are some examples of ministry events and activities:

  • Weight Management Project with the Uniformed Service University of Health Science
  • George Washington University mobile mammogram screening
  • Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
  • Diabetes cooking classes
  • Flu Shot Clinic
  • Emergency Kit distribution
  • Love Your Heart Dinner
  • Mental Health Luncheon
  • Nutrition & Physical Fitness Sessions
  • Health Screening
  • CPR/AED Training
  • Information/Display on Health Issues
  • Health Awareness Luncheon
  • Health Fair
  • Youth Health Sessions
  • Black Church and AIDS
  • Partner with Montgomery Hospice, African American Health Program. and the Department of Health and Human Services

For additional information contact: Alice Barnett at

New Members Ministry

The New Members Ministry is a vital component of Mt. Calvary’s Family Ministry, which operates under the auspices of the Pastor and the Deacon Ministry. It oversees the new member intake process, assists new members in connecting with the church body, and supports them as they move from membership to fellowship, and ultimately to discipleship. The ministry also assists and gives guidance to help new members identify their spiritual gifts in preparation to serve in the various other ministries and programs of Mt. Calvary.

The New Member Ministry also performs the following functions:  Assigns all new members to a sponsor; ensures that they are connected with their tribes; conducts monthly orientation sessions; assesses new members’ interests and experience; encourages all new members to complete the Basic Training Classes; and conducts New Member celebrations bi-annually.

Deacons Ministry

The Board of Deacons’ objective/purpose is to serve God by assisting the Pastor in providing the spiritual and temporal needs of the membership of the Church, to be accomplished by:

  • Providing spiritual leadership by precept and example.
  • Maintaining an atmosphere that is conducive to the worship and promotion of the Kingdom of our Savior.
  • Visiting and maintaining accountability for the membership and cooperating with the Pastor in the care of the sick, needy, and distressed members of the Church and community.
  • Preparing for the observance of the ordinances of the Church—Baptism and the Lord’s Supper; and
  • Assisting the Pastor in developing and maintaining the total program and operation of the Church.

Finance Ministry

The Board of Finance is central to the financial operations of the church. The Board’s major responsibilities include drafting the church’s annual budget for adoption by the officers and members and ensuring that the funds necessary to meet the approved expenses are available. Mt. Calvary is a tithing church, and the Board maintains itemized records of all contributions through offerings or other means. Each year, they provide members with statements of their total annual contributions that can be used for their tax returns. The Board monitors and reports on budget expenditures throughout the year at quarterly church business meetings. At the end of the fiscal year, an independent accounting firm audits the Board’s records.

Youth Ministry

Mt. Calvary Youth Ministry works diligently to provide a wholistic to reaching, teaching, and working with young people.  We have a part time youth minister and a volunteer youth leadership team, whose focus is to design and implement worship, classes, activities, etc. to allow us to connect with young people and help youth to connect with each other in a godly manner.

We establish an annual ministry theme that we use to help focus all of our planning for the year.  In all that we do, while being God and Youth-focused we have three strong edicts:

  • Keep our youth safe
  • Make sure they have big fun
  • Make sure very step draws them closer in their relationship with God

Each segment of our youth ministry falls into one or more of four primary categories:

  1. Spiritual Nurture
  2. Outreach/Evangelism
  3. Christian Fellowship
  4. Community Service

Some of our primary youth ministry activities/events are:

  • Youth Church for ages 5-11 (meets 1st, 2ndand, 5th Sundays)
  • Teen Church for ages 12 and over (meets 1st, 2ndand, 5th Sundays)
  • Bible study (classes for all ages, each Wednesday night)
  • Teen Retreats
  • Short Term Mission Projects
  • College Fair
  • College Student Care/Outreach
  • Youth Choir
  • Youth Ensemble

Opportunities for young people to serve:

  • Deacons, Jr. Deaconess, and Jr. Ushers
  • S.H.A.R.E. Food Distribution
  • Senior Visitation
  • SSL Volunteers