Happy Black History Month!

Food for thought is an email blast sponsored by the Youth and Young Adult Ministry that will be sent out weekly on Fridays. The information will be a range of different current events, nationally designated occasions, and inspirational quotes. Stay tuned and happy reading!!

Inspirational Quote: “There is nothing impossible to they who will try.”
— Alexander the Great

Food for thought – Take A Risk!

Every major change in history happened because someone had the courage to take a risk. Taking risks can be scary, overwhelming, evoke anxiety and fear, but is necessary. We have plenty of examples in history and especially in Black History of people who had the courage to take a risk. During a time when there was a high level of racial tension, Shirley Chisolm decided to take a risk of running for congress and became the first Black woman elected to Congress. Her running for Congress has opened up the door for many other African Americans who came behind her. At the young age of 15, Claudette Colvin saw the injustice that was happening around seating on the bus system in Montgomery Alabama, and decided to take a risk. Claudette challenged a bus driver about her right and to sit in her seat and was the first Black woman detained for her resistance. Her taking a risk, at a young age, made room for Rosa Parks and many others to state a protest that allows us today to be able to get on public transportation and choose our seats. Operating in a segregated military Benjamin Davis Sr. took a risk and worked hard and rose to the ranks as the first Black general in the U.S. military. These and many others in Black history saw past their fear and reservations' and took a risk. There are generations coming after you who will benefit from you making the conscious choice to choose another path and take the risk!!