Reports To:

Church Administrator

Principle Functions:

Plans for, participates in, trains, and oversees employees and, occasionally, contractors in all facets of the cleaning and maintenance of the Church facilities.

In addition, with staff, assists in maintaining the security of the building and grounds during assigned shifts.

Specific Responsibilities:

Identifies cleaning methods, materials, supplies, equipment, and practices of building maintenance.  Recommends purchase and use of needed equipment.  Operates and maintains custodial care equipment. Monitors building spaces and grounds to ensure a safe and secure environment. Applies basic emergency facility response procedures. Works with fire, police, and other public officials regarding church property and security matters. Trains and oversees employees in the full range of tasks to maintain the buildings and grounds, and in the safe and responsible use of equipment and vehicles.  Tracks Service Agreements.  Maintains a perpetual inventory of all church-owned equipment and furnishings.

Follows Building Use Policies and Procedures.  Communicates with and is responsive to Church and Community Leaders and Members. Provides services requested by Ministry leaders, following defined request and scheduling procedures. Becomes familiar with Church information sources, especially the Church Calendar, that may provide guidance on services and activities for which support of Building Services staff may be required.

Prepares reports for the annual general operating budget relating to the operations of facilities. Works with the Church Administrator and Trustee Board in developing the Capital Improvement budget. Ensures that any contracted labor follows the terms of their contractual agreement.

Physical Demands and Special Requirements:

Sufficient physical strength to lift heavy objects and to perform manual labor with frequent climbing, moving, and lifting heavy equipment and furniture.  Must work inside and outside of the building, often in challenging weather conditions.  As emergency personnel, required to report to the Church during inclement weather, provide clearance for access, assist with security protocols, and address safety concerns.

Education and Experience:

High School or GED diploma.  At least five years of relevant experience. Certification in at least one industry maintenance area. Applicable training and experience which provide the knowledge and skills necessary to perform effectively in the position will be considered as an alternative, except for the Certification requirement.


Employee will be evaluated by the Supervisor on a pre-determined schedule.

Position Information:

Full-time position.  FLSA Exempt.  Eligible for Health Insurance, Paid Time Off, and for Retirement Plan.  Not eligible for overtime pay.  At-Will Employment (Reference the Employee Handbook).  Salary range is $55,000 to $62,000 per year,

Examples of Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Cleans, vacuums, and sweeps sanctuary, classrooms, offices, multipurpose and other rooms.
  2. Empties trash baskets and removes trash
  3. Dusts furniture and cleans doors, windows, and trim.
  4. Removes stains from floors, walls, and glass, strips old wax, and applies new wax to floors using hand and power tools.
  5. Cleans hallways and stairwells.
  6. Wet mops and buffs floors.
  7. Cleans lavatories and replaces paper towels and other supplies.
  8. Washes windows display cases, glass doors, and other fixtures.
  9. Cleans mirrors.
  10. Cleans and maintains offices, rooms, kitchen tile, carpet, floor surfaces, and baseboards.
  11. Cleans and maintains other surfaces such as ceilings, walls, counters, and tabletops, etc.
  12. Cleans and maintains restrooms.
  13. Monitors buildings and grounds and observes and reports hazardous or otherwise defective conditions.
  14. Clears snow from walks and parking lot.
  15. Paints as appropriate.
  16. Replaces light bulbs.
  17. Makes minor adjustments and repairs to plumbing, electrical, and other building fixtures.
  18. Assists in moving furniture and other heavy objects between rooms and performs other manual tasks.
  19. Maintains safe and secure building conditions and appearance.
  20. Reports maintenance and supply needs.
  21. Checks to determine that windows and doors are locked and that no unauthorized individuals are in the building.
  22. Checks the heating and ventilating of the building and may replace filters in heating and ventilating units.
  23. Cleans equipment and ensures that equipment is in proper working order
  24. Performs a variety of related work as required.

To Apply:

Send your Letter of Interest and your Resume to

Open until filled.